Kuma's trick list

1.        Sit / sit stay

2.       Down / down stay

3.       on your feet (or stand)

4.       go to mark

5.       come to mark

6.       back up (walks backwards)

7.       on your side (left side)

8.       on your side and hide your eye (one paw over eye)

9.       other side (right side)

10.    on your back

11.     kick your feet (kicks up all four feet when on his back) 

12.    on your back and hide your eyes (covers eyes w/ both paws)

13.    crawl

14.    head down and head up (on ground or on object.)

15.    go visit (will rest head in someone’s lap)

16.    roll over

17.    beg up

18.    foot (right) or Paw (left)

19.    wave (either paw)

20.   stand high (we’re up to 20 seconds)

21.    dance (standing high and hopping)

22.   get your tail (plus can hold tail in mouth for 5 seconds)

23.   nudge it (objects or people)

24.    speak & speak at it (objects or people)

25.   Howl on cue.

26.    hold it (any object in mouth)

27.    go pick it up (any object, including coins)

28.    Gimme Hugs (put paws around shoulder and lies head down)

29.    Nice Kisses (licks face on cue)

30.    touch it (will put his paw on something)

31.     watch it (will stare at an object or person.)

32.    go to (will go to who I point to)

33.    go with (will walk closely next to someone)

34.    Ready…Jump! (jumps up and down in air)

35.    Jump and catch it (jumps in air and catches toy)

36.    up on the table (will jump on a table or counter top)

37.    up on momma (will run and jump into my arms)

38.    open it (can open containers, fridge, lids)

39.    rip it up (will shred anything I give him)

40.    shake it or kill it (will shake something in his mouth)

41.    catch it (can catch a treat, ball, or toy in mouth)

42.    leave it (will totally ignore anything I put infront of him)

43.    Get the squirrel (will jump up and down against tree)

44.    Pull it (will pull open or pull back on something)

45.    over (can jumps over objects)

46.    easy (can control speed he's going from run to a slow walk)

47.    heel (stays at persons left side)

48.    go right (spins all the way around to my right)

49.    go left (spins all the way around to my left)

50.    put it in (can put one object inside of another –coin in piggy bank)

51.    Go find it (sniff the ground, looking for something)

52.   Want a cookie? (will tilt his head to the side)

53.   Take a break right here (will pee on whatever I point to)

54.    hike it (will lift his back leg without really peeing)

55.    Okay, shake it (will shake water off him when instructed)

56.    Dig it up (in dirt or on a bed / couch)

57.    hide your eye (cover one paw or eye)

58.    go throw it away / Recycle it (will throw away trash can)

59.    show me those teeth (will bear his teeth)

60.    snap at it (will bear his teeth and bark)
61.    Nudge it (person or object)
62.    Push it
63.    Get the sleeve & bring it here (person)
64.    Scratch the flea
65.    Itch it (nibbles on back leg)

66.    Look left

67.    Look right

68.    Pant leg attack

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