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Kuma is now on the Internet Movie Database website!!!  See his page at:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1668530/
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* "
Mutt & Stuff"  Episodes 101 - 174- Played "Grandma" on Nickjr. 
* "Dog with a Blog," Episode 101 - Stan of the House.  Played Stan.

* "Dog with a Blog." Episode 102 - The Fast & the Furriest.  Played Stan.
* "Dog with a Blog," Episode 103 - Dog with a Hog.  Played Stan.
* "Dog with a Blog," Episode 104 - Bark!  The Herald Angels Sing.  Played Stan.
* "Dog with a Blog," Episode 105 - The Bone Identity.  Played Stan.

Feature Films

"Pups United" (2015played Marianne (featured role).  Parkside Pictures.      Coming out in Sept 2015!!

"Wrong (2012)" played Paul (lead role).  Rubber Films LLC.  Released in 2012.

* "Darling Companion (2012)" (backup to lead dog).  Kasdan Pictures.  

* “Cop Dog,” Played Marlowe (lead role).  MarVista Films.  Released in 2009.  On DVD 2010.

  * "Chasing Tchaikovsky," played King.  Raida Productions.  Released in 2008.

 * “An American Crime,” played the dog (tied up in yard).  Starring Katherine Keener.  First Look Films. Released in 2008.

  * The Jane Austen Book Club,” played shelter dog getting a bath.  Starring Maria Bello.  Sony Pictures Classics.  Released in 2007.

  * “Man in the Chair,” played animal shelter dog who gets let free.  Starring Christopher Plummer. Shoreline Entertainment.  Released in 2007.

 * “Undiscovered,” played dog hiking in Runyon Canyon.  Lakeshore Entertainment. Starring Steven Straight.  Released in 2005.

(Click on the links to watch the commercials online)

*The Shelter Pet Project. Played a shelter rescue dog because he really is! - 2014
* Wells Fargo. Played dog watching TV in a sports jersey. - 2013
* K-10 +. Played a dog relaxing on a hammock. - 2013
* Suzuki Kizashi Vs. Volvo S40.  Played neighborhood dog attacking bubble wrap man.  Aired in 2011. 

* Overstock.com, “Staying Connected aired May 2010.  Dog fetchs red ball, plays w/ family.

* Doritos, “Don’t Tease the Beast,” spec commercial for contest.  Aired on Youtube 2009. 

*“Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Cinnsation,” aired September 2008.  Dog watching owner eating cereal.

* ProMeris, “Carnival”. Flea and tick control. Aired June 2008.  Played dog looking for flea circus. High fives cat at the end.

* “Spay and Neuter PSA.  The birds and the bee talk.  Kuma played dog listening to owner give speech. 

* “Heinz Ketchup,” spec commercial.  Aired on Youtube 2007. 

US Cellular “Karaoke.  Played dog howling in backyard. 

* “Living Spaces” furniture commercial. Aired 2007 on living spaces website. Played dog that destroyed living room.

* Pampers Baby Diapers, “Absorb More.”  Dog chasing tail, making baby laugh.

* Purina Beneful, “Healthy Radiance” dog food. Aired 2005.  Played man’s best friend.


Print ad's

* "K-10 +" Dog water supplement. Shot August 2013.
* "Pup-Peroni" Dog Treats.  Shot October 2010.

* “Runner’s World Magazine” – cover shoot. September 2010 issue.

* “Ralph Lauren Polo” clothing line. Posing with various models. Summer 2009 & Winter 2011.

* “Comfortis” monthly flea pill.  Photog: Tim Dolan.  Dog posing with man on couch. 

* Sharon Montrose stock photo shoot.  Dog with ice pack, Christmas doggie.

* Mutts Book, photo shoot.  Art book featuring mixed breed dogs.

* Jupiter Images Stock Photo shoot.

* Target Store POP – doggie gets a bath.

* Target - Brand Dog food bags.

* Bloomberg Magazine. (Cover shot) - Doggie Olympics. 

* Iams Dog Treats.  On green bags in stores.

* Purina Healthy Radiance Dog Food. –dog in bathtub.

* Getty Images -Stock photo shoot. 

* Deramaxx (arthritis drug for dogs) in Magazines.

* Pedigree Jumbone (Christmas only)

* Pedigree Jumbone (coupons and store merchandise)

* Pedigree Dog Food (featured on large Billboard)


Reality TV

* "America's Top Dog,” a 2 hour game show shown on the A&E Channel.  Awarded 2nd place.  Aired March 2005 (multiple times). - Judged by: Cesar Millan.

TV Movies – feature length

* “Sacrifices of the Heart,” Hallmark Channel. Starring Melissa Gilbert.  Played Wilbur.  Aired in 2007.

* “McBride: Requiem,” Hallmark Channel.

* “McBride: Semper Fi,” Hallmark Channel.

* McBride: Dogged,” Hallmark Channel.

* “McBride: Fallen Idol,"  Hallmark Channel.

* “McBride: Anyone here Murder Marty?" Hallmark Channel.

* “McBride: Tune in for Murder,” Hallmark Channel.

* “McBride: The Doctor is out, Really out.” Hallmark Channel.

* McBride: It’s Murder Madam,” Hallmark Channel.

* “McBride: The Chameleon Murder,” Hallmark Channel.

* “McBride: Murder Past Midnight” Hallmark Channel.  Starring John Larroquette.  Played Jesse (McBride’s dog) on each episode. First Episode aired September 2005.

* Fielders Choice,” Hallmark MOW.  Starring Chad Lowe & K’sun Ray.  Played Caesar.  Aired June 2005.



*"NuVet Plus" (:60) (Canine supplement).  Two one minute long commercials in 2011.
* "Pet Mitt" (grooming glove). This commercial was featured on the QVC channel.  

* "Pawws" pet vitamin infomercial.  Future Thunder Productions. One hour late night infomercial.  

Short / Student Films

* Among Wolves,” a Chapman University thesis student film in 2009.

* “Cosmic Lottery,” a Chapman University thesis student film in 2009.  Dir: Andrew Swanson.

* “The Glasses.”  AFI student thesis film.  Kuma played old man’s dog. 

* “Saving Angelo, starring Kevin Bacon.  Played Angelo (lead role).  Played in 2007 in film festivals.


Online Video’s

* “American Greetings: Dogs Favorite Things." Will be released Summer 2014.
* “American Greetings: Valentines Card."  Released Feb 2013.
* “American Greetings: Christmas Love."  Released Dec 2012.

* “My Petcare TV.com,” aired June 2010.  Win a trip to Hollywood contest.

* AOL Purina Pet Lifestyle Video’s.  13 separate online video’s about pet care.  Kuma was featured “host” dog in all 13 videos.  Played online in 2008.



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